surprise, Putain!

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I drink, I smoke and I'm haunted by imagination. Sometimes I just want to exorcise the bad feelings and to keep the good ones!

Droppin’ this thing back 

Artist: Ray Quinn

Bråvalla Festival, Sweden (26.06.14)

In Touch - July 28, 2014 issue
The American Multi-coloured spots

That was the title of my today’s test for Prose class and I’m actually proud of this text because I could write my own viewpoints about American Slavery and the Moral Slavery towards the LGBT Community. I hope to get +A

Artist: Frank Ocean

It’s a bad religion

To be in love with someone

Who could never love you

Only bad

Only bad religion

Could have me feeling the way I do 

I’m high and I’m bi 
I love Frank

- I’m searching for a real love